I’ve been working directly with Perth’s digital agencies, creating white labeled websites for over 4 years. From overflow development work to partnerships with digital marketing teams, if you have clients needing a website, see how I can add value to your proposal.

Reliable work and easy to contact

When working with contractors and clients, communication is key. If you’ve got to answer to your client or project manager, you need answers quickly. I’m always on the end of the phone and quick to respond to emails. When responding to project questions, I know how to communicate to you, and how to communicate to the end client - so you know exactly what to send them.

By working with an independent contractor, you won’t get any ‘only answering emails in the evening after their day job’ or ‘disappearing into the sunset after getting a full time gig’. I build relationships with agencies so we can have successful projects again and again.

No surprises for you means no surprises for your clients

I can quote on a project base so you know exactly what to quote your client - no surprises.

Is your marketing agency looking to improve your clients’ websites?

I’ll create the website to make your agency look great. Working with your team, you can directly manage your client’s whole digital strategy, knowing that the website is up to your standards.

Paddy is our man for all things websites, coding and digital design. Paddy consistently understands the vision, nails the brief, and gets the job done every time!
Rhianna Harby - Harby Studios

Solutions, not problems

We all know clients can throw a curveball or new request halfway through a project. Rather than telling them no, it’s always better to provide solutions. I’ve worked across many different industries and created websites with API integrations, complex payment and form functionality, bulk imports and plenty of other unique challenges. Whatever their request, together we can create a solution that everyone ends up happy with.

I get it. Anytime you recommend a contractor to work with your clients, it’s a risk to you. Perth is small, this industry is even smaller and news travels fast. If you need a developer to work with you, client facing you need someone you can trust, who can present well to the client and who can represent your values as well as theirs.

Wide range of skills

Most projects require someone with a wide range of skills. Unless you’ve got a huge project, most budgets can’t afford a specialist for every possible faucet. A developer who can also design to create a site that works and looks great. Someone who has experience with the business and marketing side of running a small business (thewildbunch.co).

I’ve worked as a designer and developer as well as across many digital marketing tools and services. Working as a sole trader with a side business means I’ve got the business know-how to spot potential problems or solutions that other ‘developers’ wouldn’t

Looking for a quality WordPress contractor for overflow work?

I’ve worked in agencies in Perth and London. Every team and dynamic is unique and you probably already have a way your team likes to work, likes to code and likes to communicate. I can work with your existing team either on that urgent overflow project that doesn't’ fit in your timeline, if you’re in between full time workers or seasonal workloads.

By working with a full time web contractor, you know you’re getting someone with a broad range of skills who can understand your clients’ business needs. Someone who isn’t going to disappear, move to a full time agency position or leave you with a mess of unreadable code and unmanaged websites.

Do you need a web developer you can trust? A contractor who’s been building WordPress sites for over 7 years? Someone always on the end of the phone with solutions to quell your client’s questions?

Looking to see if I’ll fit in your existing tech stack?

If you've got some geeky questions, technical requirements or want to know the specifics of what I work with, view my technical qualifications.

My Work

Due to confidentiality agreements with existing clients and agencies, most of my recent work is white-labeled for the agency. If you’re interested in hiring a contractor to add value to your business, email me at [email protected] and I can send through example work relevant to your company or projects. I can also provide contacts for other creative directors and owners and you can ask them what it’s like to work with me.

Below are some of my client and agency partners.