If you know the technologies your agency works with or looking to build WordPress sites in a specific way, below is how I primarily build sites.


I started my career in graphic and website design and moved into front end, php and specialised in WordPress development.

WordPress plugins and tools

Advanced Custom Fields

ACF is great once we learn exactly what the content is going to be like and how it will potentially change. Depending on the content and the technical abilities of the client, we can build the data structure up using ACF, making it easy for whoever needs to update the site.

Ongoing Management

I can provide ongoing maintenance and management if needed. I host websites on fast, fully managed digital ocean droplets through cloudflare. This means, if your clients need hosting, it will be fast, secure and cost-effective.

Contact Forms

Personally I’ve found these to have diminishing returns more and more recently but clients still want them and often they do serve a purpose. My primary form is Contact form 7 and I’ve got plenty of experience with this and custom coding advanced functionality for it including; custom field integration, marketing email integration, calculations, connecting with 3rd party APIs.


If you already designers and are looking for these to be ‘brought to life’, I can work directly with your designer to get it up and running.

Easy Property Listings and real estate importing

I’ve worked with multiple real estate agencies and can create fully functional real estate custom themes with automated listing importing.

Membership Based Sites

I’ve built membership functionality into many sites including paid access, automated actions, protected content as well as fully protected directory based sites with custom user posting and more.

Google Maps API

I’ve worked with many maps API integrations including simple contact form style maps to searching and listing multiple

ASX Listings

If you’ve got an ASX listed client, you know they have very specific requirements for their site, including up to date announcements and reports on their site. I’ve worked with all the AX listing plugins and am able to recommend the best course of action depending on their budget and requirements.

Page Builders

We all know page builders are hard to maintain, impractical for large sites and mostly produce junk code on slow sites that always look the same.

Whilst 90% of my development is creating custom themes, sometimes there are clients you want to take on that either don’t have the budget or need for a full custom site. Sometimes quick and dirty is not only needed, it’s desirable. This site is built with a page builder. I knew the limitations of it before I started and was able to design around it and manage the code quality. Sometimes a nail-gun is the right tool, even if you prefer using a hammer.

Sometimes you have a client who already has a website in a popular page builder and want to provide maintenance changes to go with your marketing strategy for them.

I’ve worked with most of the popular page builders and can quickly find my way around existing sites to make necessary changes.