Various articles and information to help clients, start-ups and small business owners

  • Owning your domain details

    Why it's important that companies own their own domain name

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  • What stands out

    The number one rule of design. How to make something stand out.

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  • Your Digital Presence – Domain Names

    If you are still in the planning stages of starting your own business then you know you'll need a website, emails another standard tech services. This three-part series breaks down exactly what you need, why you need it, where to get it and how much it should cost.

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  • Your Digital Presence - Emails

    Part 2 of the start up series is about getting your emails set up. [email protected] is more professional than @aol or @gmail. With the the quality and ease of set up for modern email service providers you can have your emails ready in no time.

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  • Your Digital Presence - Websites

    Arguably the most important part of your digital presence, your web presence should put your best foot forward.

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